15 inch “Bowling ball” Hubcaps

In the past someone else made the hubcaps for the fiberglass company, this person stopped working, so the fiberglass company took over his work.
We can not guarantee that they will stay onto the rims, this will also depend of the condition from the rims you have.
They have trouble producing them and because of that they have raised the fabrication price, they almost charges double the price now, so it’s not worth to offer them anymore.

So unfortunately we decided to stop the production from the hubcaps, they are a piece of art and we find it very pitty that we can not offer this amazing product anymore.
We will see or they can be realised another way...or somewhere else, but for now it’s not possible to order them anymore.

The mold from this item is for sale, see our “Special Offers” page for more information.