We are offering parts since 2001 and have a large line of gadgets, replica and even original conversion parts to build your own most identical KITT or KARR replica from Knight Rider on the planet! Our goal is to offer even more unique parts in the near future. Shop around and check out what we have to offer!

Unfortunately some bad news to share.

After 21 years we have decided to stop with Knight Passions.
It's very pitty, because this was not planned, but fabrication prices are only raising and on some parts we hardly make anything.
The fiberglass company is also sold and gets a new owner, it's not known yet what his plans are with the company.

If you still like to order something, do it now and don't wait!!
At this moment it's still possible to order parts, in August maybe not anymore, we don't know.

Another reason is, we are moving to Portugal and there are almost no fiberglass companies or nearby, so it's very difficult to continue from there.

All the molds from the fiberglass parts are for sale.
If you are seriously interested, send us an e-mail.
Please only serious people, making molds is a very expensive process, so don't expect a cheap price for taking over the Knight Passions molds.
Serious offers only.