Information parts

All our fiberglass parts are made from high quality hand layed fiberglass by a professional fiberglass company. They will be heated inside a painting cabine to check them for any air bubbles. If there are any in them, they will be professionally repaired.

Because of this process, we know for sure that all parts are air bubble free before they will be packed and shipped out. This way the customer won't get any problems once the parts are painted and warmed up by the heat of the sun and air bubbles will mess up the new fresh paint job.

All hand layed fiberglass parts are made in black gel coat. They already look very nice, but they still need to be sanded, primered and painted for a perfect looking final end result. All products are also only available in the out of the mold version.

If you like to order a conversion part in a different color it's also possible, any RAL color belongs to the possibilities!