High power scanner

This 55Watt halogen high powered scanner is the best exterior conversion part which will attrack the most attention! It has the beautiful trailing effect, just like the real K.I.T.T. has! The scanner housing is being made by a special company and is laser cut. It comes with red plexiglass lens. There are two versions scanners available.
(The scanner is not our own product, we are helping the person who makes it to sell more of his great product on the market.)

Version 1
It contains several possibilities, like controllable scanning speed and 8 different scanning functions, it even has controlled temperature, no ventilator for cooling is needed, so it’s very quiet. Comes with a silver control box which you can operate from inside the car.
Version 2
Has all the same functions as version 1, but comes with a black control box, remote control, introducing KITT voice and scanning sound. The sizes of the scanner housing are 54 cm long, 5,5 cm deep and 3,5 cm high. Sizes from the control box are 20 x 11,3 x 3,1 cm.

Temporarely not available