2TV dashboard electronics

We have big news, we are planning to offer a perfect set 2nd season two tv dashboard electronics which will be identical to the original one. This "basic" set will have all the necessary info that you need.

It will include... speedo meter, tacho meter, fuel meter, volt meter, oil meter, temperature meter, check engine, turn signals, high beam, dim possibility, Miles or Km possibility and a message display programmed with all the correct texts.

The voice display is also included, and will have connectors which you can hook up to the four red buttons below the tv's. When a button will be pressed, the display of "Auto cruise", Normal cruise" or "Pursuit" will also change.

Ofcourse we can understand very well that it's difficult to decide to buy a set electronics you haven't seen any photos from, but you can be absolutely sure that it will be perfect while we are a perfectionist when it comes to the original look. The first prototype that will be made to test or everything works like it should be will be finished in just two months!
When the set is tested and everything works perfectly, the production can start.
Once started, believe it or not, but your set will be finished in just two months!!!...so no waiting list of years!!!

Everyone who orders, helps us to realize the electronics and will get a very nice discount on a next conversion part!

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