2TV dashboard electronics

We have big news, we are planning to offer a perfect set 2nd season two tv dashboard electronics which will be identical to the original one. This "basic" set will have all the necessary info that you need.
It will include... speedo meter, tacho meter, fuel meter, volt meter, oil meter, temperature meter, check engine, turn signals, high beam, dim possibility, Miles or Km possibility and a message display programmed with all the correct texts. Click here to read the full description.

Needed customers: 22 to 25 or more
Price: 1500,- euro

Signed up customers:

1 Jack Fauth
2 Christopher Knight
3 Daniel
4 Martin
5 nick
6 Ray Vaughn
7 Ray Vaughn
8 Tobias Bauer
9 jörg
10 Vitor Santos
11 SeS
12 Ömer
13 Xavier L

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