4th season "Gullwing" steering wheel

This will be a very special made steering wheel, the version with the green lights made into it. It won't be a easy part to create, because a lot of work is involved. There for it's also harder to say how much time it takes to make it available, but we expect about five weeks. The price can change a little, it depends of the final production costs. The photo which is shown is just an example, it's used with permission from the owner of http://www.knightdesigns.com/

Needed customers: 5
Price: 525,- euro

Signed up customers:

1 David Podence
2 Stefan Scheffler
3 Michael Kuprian
4 Aaron Böttcher
5 Kevin
6 Kansas Knight
7 David Rogers
8 carlos
9 Esteban
10 Ömer
11 Michael knight
12 branden
13 Richard Cosner
14 Jonathan Simmons
15 Daniel Schatz
16 hj
17 Dustin H.
18 Goran Stanojevic

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