1st, 2nd season “Gullwing” steering wheel

We only still offer the 3rd, 4th season “Gullwing” steering wheel at this moment, the only difference are the grooves in the grips. These can be easily filled up with filler to change the steering wheel into the 1st, 2nd season one. The steering wheel is available in two versions, one comes with a metal cover plate to cover the opening at the front side for installing it to the adaptor and steering wheel column. The plate will be hold in place by two magnets which are made into the wheel itself, so you don’t have to mess with glue or double sided tape. The magnets will hold the metal cover plate perfectly in place! The second has no metal cover plate at the front side, this way it has a “clean” look. The opening to install it is then located at the back side, in the bottom of the metal tube. With this version you do need to make an opening in the bottom of the switch pod unit to have access to install the steering wheel.

The mold from this item is for sale, see our “Special Offers” page for more information.