Two tv dashboard

The new from scratch created dashboard is now in production! It’s a perfect adjusted dash, no twisted, curved or strange bends in it anymore, even the top side is now flat like it should be.

The new dashboard has also a filled up edge on the inside so you can drill a small hole into it to screw the electronics / overlays to it and also it has an extra edge on the lower part of the openings to screw them on, so no hassle anymore how to install the electronics. The back side from the openings for the electronics are all made straight for a perfect fit with the overlays from ZA Electronics, so no sanding is needed anymore which will safe you a lot of work.

Both sides of the dashboard are closed, this way you don’t see the back side of the electronics when you open the drivers door. Speaker openings can also be made into the dashboard as custom order.

Price adding speaker openings 115,- euro

Price: 720,- euro