Two tv dashboard

A brand new dashboard made from scratch will be available in about the end of October. The whole top side is now straight like it should be, no drops, dents or twisted edges anymore, they are history!

We also improved the two tv dashboard to make it look even closer to the original one. Also the back side from the openings for the electronics are all made perfectly smooth and straight for a perfect fit with the overlays (from ZA Electronics), so no sanding is needed anymore.

Both sides of the dashboard are also closed, so you don’t see the back side of the electronics when you open the drivers door. The new created dashboard can already be ordered, then you will come on the order list and your dashboard will be shipped out as soon as we can. How sooner you order, how less customers are in front of you and how less time you will have to wait, so order this brand new dashboard now already! Speaker openings can also be made into the dashboard as custom order soon after it’s available.

Price adding speaker openings 115,- euro

Price: 720,- euro